Is The City of Manvel Trying to Limit Where You Can Shop (Also Known As Freedom of Choice)?

The City of Manvel has decided to tackle the important issue of limiting your freedom.  Obviously, this is sarcasm but the topic of limiting the arrival of new dollar stores in the city was discussed at the last City Council meeting on January 6th, 2020.  The item was added by Mayor Debra Davison to test the water with the councilmembers.  Other cities like Mesquite, TX or Tulsa, OK have regulations that limit such stores from opening.  If you are like me and many others, who live on the south side of the city, the Dollar General store by Manvel High School is a lifesaver.  The only other options around here are the overpriced gas stations’ convenience stores.   Some of the other cities’ regulations call for the dollar stores to have at least 10% of the surface dedicated to vegetables and fruits, aka healthy food.  If that were to pass in Manvel, what would prevent the council to vote for the same restrictions to apply to the gas stations??  Or what if they decide we don’t need any more ‘fast food’ restaurants due to the lack of healthy options??  Where would it end??  As Dan Davis, Manvel councilmember told Michael Berry on KTRH 740 this morning:” Local governments are not formed to be social engineers, culture changers”.  He also discussed the need for the city to welcome businesses and open competition in order to promote economic growth and eventually lower property taxes.  This topic has been tabled until February and let’s hope this won’t get much traction.  We need more businesses in Manvel, not less.  Let’s hope the city makes it more business-friendly. 

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