HEB Construction To Start This Summer?? (UPDATED)

UPDATE March 3rd, 2020. Here is the latest scoop. This HEB topic is the talk of the town so we are bringing you the latest info available. According to the City Manager, Kyle Jung, the developer had 6 months to get their financing in order as of mid-December 2019. That brings us in mid-June 2020. Jung expects the developer to start pulling permits for land clearing in April-May timeframe. If everything works according to the plan, land should be cleared and construction should begin no later than July 1st, 2020. At the moment, all the work being done at that site is regarding the future pipeline to be laid in that area. You may have also noticed a billboard was taken down by the pipeline crew. Due to city regulations, it won’t be put back up.

The word on the street is the construction of the new HEB to be built at the northwest corner of SH 288 and SH 6 is to begin this summer. The HEB will be one of the main anchor stores for this mixed retail development. Weitzman Group is the developer and is present all over the Houston metro area. More than 1,000,000 sqft of retail, entertainment, hospitality, and others will be available. The HEB itself will be 96,000 sqft. As a comparison, the HEB in Shadow Creek Ranch area is 145,000 sqft and the one in East Pearland on Pearland Parkway is 80,000. Manvel should finally soon have a decent size grocery store. With more retail space available, more restaurants or other service type businesses should be able to open.

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