Remember to renew or get your alarm system permit.

This is a Public Service Announcement: The City of Manvel is kindly reminding you to pay for the application or renewal of your alarm permit. That permit runs from January 1st and expires on December 31st of every year. Basically, it only covers calendar years. Application fees for residential is $50/year and businesses will pay $100 annually. The city graces with up to 5 false alarms per calendar year before more fees (taxes) are assessed. Even though this permit application is actually a tax on having an alarm system, we recommend you pay it because the fine can be a lot saltier. Up to $500 can be assessed on any violations for the city ordinance on alarm system. (Source: )

Contact the Manvel police department at (281) 489-1212 to learn more about the renewal program. Obviously this only applies to those having an address within city limits.

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