Do You Know About The Well on Masters Road??

I bet you did not know that Manvel is home to one of the largest food pantries in the region??  Since March 2016 The Well On Masters Road has been providing fresh produce and other groceries items to those in needs.  They strictly rely on donations from corporations or individuals and are staffed by 30-40 volunteers any given week to help distribute the food to more than 300 guests every week.  They are open every Tuesday afternoon from 1 to 6pm and are located in the Church on Masters Road at 6911 Masters Road in Manvel.  Whether you would like to donate food, money, your time or are a person in need you can come out every Tuesday and be part of this huge charity organization. 

The food pantry in numbers:

2019 was a record year for at The Well on MastersRoad — all made possible by generous volunteers, donors & partners:
-682,600+ pounds of food donated.
-11,800+ families served. -36,700+ people served.
-100% of your donation goes directly to local families. THANK YOU!
-Give here:


If you want to get more info or want to support the charity effort click here.

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