Smoking or Vaping Could Make Coronavirus Infection A Lot Worst

According to an article in the Scientific American, people who either smoke or vape increases their chance or severe coronavirus infection. Science has already proven that inhaling both these products can lower your immune system and increase lung inflammation. The initial data that came out of China regarding Covid-19 was reporting more men requiring hospital care than women. A lot more men smoke in China than women. Some studies came out already from China but have not been peer-reviewed yet. One of them claims that smokers had 14 times more chance of having pneumonia than non-smokers.

According to Robert Tarran, a professor of cell biology and physiology at Chapel Hill: “People who smoke are immunosuppressed to some degree. They make more mucus. It doesn’t clear the lungs as well. There are pro-inflammatory changes; immune cells are changed as well. And all that leads up to, basically, they’re more likely to get viruses and have a worse outcome.”

One of the risk factors for influenza is smoking so it would not be surprising, once there is enough data, that it is the same with this coronavirus. For those who smoke or vape, now is the time to quit if you want to avoid a bad scenario.

For more on the topic please click on the link to Scientific American

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