Loud Boom Rattles Houses and People In Manvel/Pearland Area

Last night around 11 pm for those who were still awake and chilling on a Saturday night at home a loud boom was heard. It quickly filled all the local social media pages like Facebook and NextDoor groups. The area that heard and felt the boom was so wide it had to be something that happened in the air like a fighter jet hitting the speed of sound. Very unlikely was it a ground explosion. People heard it from the west Pearland/Manvel area all the way to Alvin/Friendswood area.

Here is a definition of sonic boom: ” When an object travels equal to or faster than the speed of sound, it produces a shock wave called Sonic Boom which can be heard as thunder or a big clap by the people on the ground. “. Link. A sonic boom can be heard as long as the plane is flying a or above the speed of sound so it is highly possible that a jet flew over our area last night and hit the “wall”.

Image from https://interestingengineering.com/

Why would a fighter jet flies this fast on a Saturday evening?? Was it scrambling to intercept a threat?? Was it training?? At this point, nobody knows but we will try to find out as it will certainly be the talk of the town today on social networks and at church.

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    1. Fighter jets break the sound barrier all the time in certain areas of Alaska. I don’t think they are allowed to do it over populated areas. My first experience hearing one was two Summers go when I was camping out in remote Alaska.

  1. I heard it in the Clear Lake region of Houston around 11 Pm on Saturday January 11, 2020. It sounded like a single loud booming explosion; and it shook the entire house. I can rule out things like a blown transformer or gun shot. I have hear several transformers blow from less than 100 feet away, one of those when lightning struck it. It was not a gun shot. For one thing, a gun shot doesn’t shake your whole house. It was more like the boom of a large artillery shell or the really big expensive fireworks the city of Houston puts on at the 4th of July. At the time I thought it was probably a chemical plant explosion, and figured I would hear something about it in the news Sunday morning. I have heard chemical plant explosions, and sonic booms from aircraft, mortar fire at an air force base, and have actually witnessed a small meteorite streak across the sky and explode in the atmosphere; all of which had a similar deep boom and vibration. I don’t think people on the ground, especially if they are inside a house, always hear the second part of a sonic boom, so it could have been a sonic boom from an aircraft or a meteor and the second boom was just muffled by the house or atmosphere. Or it could have been the sound of a meteor exploding as it hit the earth’s atmosphere over Houston, an event called an air burst, fireball, or bolide.

  2. Interesting article on sonic booms, but doesn’t really provide an answer to the source of the sound.

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