Bayou Wildlife Zoo In Alvin Finds A Buyer

After more than 3 years on the market, the Bayou Wildlife Zoo at 5050 FM 517 in Alvin has finally found a buyer. The Wildlife Park is home to more than 500 animals including giraffes, camels, and zebras from 19 different countries. Current owner Clint Wolston bought the property in 1986 and spent a better part of three decades to build up his kingdom. Mr. Wolston, who is now 83 years old, was looking at retirement when he put it on the market in 2016. The deal is supposed to close in early March and hopefully, he will have enough money left to enjoy retirement and more free time.

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The buyers are unknown at the moment and the good news is they plan to improve the property and keep it open during the process. I do believe that this place is one of the best-kept secrets of the area. This zoo could go a long way with a little more advertisement. If you have not done so I encourage you to go visit with your kids, they will love it.

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