UPDATED: ATT Store Robbed In Pearland/Silverlake Area

Just around dinner time tonight the ATT store at 10420 Broadway in Silverlake Village was robbed. It was reported that 5 suspects were involved and due to the quick police response they abandoned their car and took off running. At least 2 if not 3 suspects were caught. They are now looking for 2 suspects in the neighborhood behind Target with police dogs and HPD helicopter. Brazoria County Sheriff Deputies are also on scene assisting Pearland PD. This situation is still evolving and we will update soon. People in that area should stay inside to help the police dogs follow the suspects’ tracks. Suspects may be armed.

UPDATE: 2 suspects were apprehended inside Randall’s grocery store. All 3 suspects placed in custody were juveniles. Unclear if there are more on the run. As a side note, the mother of one of the suspects showed up at the grocery store. The story does not tell if she came to give him a can of a$% whooping.

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