Texas Is Running Out Of Power

We were told yesterday to conserve the electricity and keep our homes at 78 degrees. Some people already keep theirs warmer but most could not tolerate this temperature. We are being told many gas-powered plants are offline for unknown reasons. Typically the plants maintenance is done in April since the electricity demand is usually low. What’s causing this problem?? This is becoming embarrassing for a state that brags itself the energy capital of the world.

Could it be a lower incentive to invest the necessary funds in maintaining and upgrading the aging power plants due to the future uncertainty? Remember, there is a major push for “green” energy with windmills and solar panels. Those are nice but quite useless during a cold winter night and even a warm summer night. We can’t produce enough electricity to power homes and businesses so how are we supposed to all have an electric car? How can we fix this annoying problem??


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