Should Schools Open for Year 2020-21?

The simple answer is yes. School-aged children are the group age the least affected by COVID-19. If daycare are allowed to open for the summer camps I don’t see why schools won’t be allowed to open. You just can’t kids in the house without socialization for 18 months without consequences. Should the schools stay closed comes August or have too many restrictions imposed I foresee a mass homeschooling exodus. I have talked with a school teacher from an ISD in the North of Houston this weekend and she mentioned her employer bought an expensive software for distant learning. To justify the expenses, there are rumors they will stay home next school year. How will this help parents who will eventually go back to the office?? Will they need to send their kids to daycare anyway?? If I have to be the teacher with my 5th-grade child, the school system should not get any penny for her. Schools need to be opened and the Governor needs to make the announcement as quickly as possible. They are opening anywhere else in the world.

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