Ever Wanted To Make a Difference?? Join the Manvel Volunteer Fire Department.

The Manvel Volunteer Fire Dept is always looking for people who lives in the community willing to donate a few hours a month of their time. This is a rewarding experience where you are called to go assist citizens in time of crisis. Training and equipment are provided at no charge to you. Insurance also covers the volunteers while participating in any Fire dept activity whether it is training or live scene.

How do I join?? It is simple. Just come out on the First Tuesday of every month during the business meeting. The next meeting will be held on January 7th 2020 at station 1 which is located at 6212 Masters Rd in Manvel. You can also come out on the second and third Tuesday of every month during training sessions and an application form can be given to you.

The Manvel Volunteer Fire Dept employs some part time paid firefighters who staff the Station 24/7 and responds to calls. 90% of the calls necessitate only the paid crew to respond so volunteers only make calls for larger incident like structure fires, major accident or several incidents at same time. Those larger incidents are few and far in between.

Oh yeah, did I mention you are also eligible to receive a pension after 15 years of qualified service?? That is a good perk that could eventually pay your light bills for life once you retire!!

So, if you are looking at giving some of your time back to the community, learn new skills and drive cool fire trucks as resolution for the new year please come out to station 1 on January 7th at 7pm to check it out.

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