Our Democracy Is At Play

This election was deemed the most important in our lifetime but is slowly becoming a disaster for democracy.  For a system like ours to work, we need to have election integrity and the voters need to be confident it was done honestly and fairly.  At the moment, there seems to be, to put it mildly, irregularities in many states.

These states are all battleground states.  At this point, 48 hours after the end of voting and regardless of the outcome, we can be sure about half of the country will think the election was stolen and this is not good.  How are we supposed to unite as a country when one side delegitimizes, rightfully or not, the winner of the presidential election??  I am trying to avoid being partisan here but I believe the Democrats have a lot to do with this confusion and chaos going on.  In most of the battleground states controlled by Democrats, mail-in ballots were sent to all registered voters.  Other states sent an absentee ballot application to all its registered voters.  What can go wrong??  Well, most registered voters roll is not purged so it includes many dead people or residents that moved out of state.  The state has sent those ballots/application to all of them at their last known address.  This opens the doors for massive fraud. 

Population in Michigan
Michigan Registered voters

A state like Michigan has more registered voters than it has citizens over the age of 17.  You can look it up on their website or the above pictures. In the name of COVID, the rules were allowed to be changed at the last minute. 

The Michigan Secretary of State website allows for people to see if their vote was received and counted.  Well, some people started playing with it and are finding tons of dead people having voted this election.  Some voters were as old as 120 years old!  Go ahead and try this one:

https://mvic.sos.state.mi.us/Voter/Index Look up June Aiken born in august 1900 Zipcode 49201. He voted by mail and he is 120 years old.

In Pennsylvania, GOP observers are not allowed to go in and observed the counting.  Why??  Shouldn’t the process be transparent??  If the process is transparent and right, everybody will feel good about it.  Not everybody will like the outcome but will at least respect the outcome.  The Democrat Party has stolen Bernie Sanders of the presidential nomination twice in the primaries.  You think they are not able to do it again this time??  They have tried to change the result of the 2016 election since President Donald Trump won.  First with the Russia investigation which ended up being debunked.  They tried again with the impeachment.  We are still trying to figure out why they impeached him. 

Voting by mail should only be reserved for specific cases:  Disabled, military, out of the country during election time, etc.  Unsolicited ballots should not be part of our electoral system.  Even COVID is not a good excuse to do mass mail voting.  Everybody has at least gone somewhere in public since the pandemic started.  If you can do that, you can make the effort to drive and go vote in person.  Maybe, and only maybe, there could be an exception with the COVID fear but those should only be requested ballots.  The way some states have been running their counting since Tuesday night reminds me of third world country stuff.  The process is shameful.  I am someone who respects federalism so it is difficult for me to say that but I believe it is time for a national voting system that includes voter ID.  Voter ID is the law in Texas but not in many states. An ID is needed to request a loan, open bank account, get social security, going to the doctor, etc. Everybody should have some kind of ID regardless of your social status.  Try getting social security without an ID.  Won’t happen. 

The worst-case scenario is happening right in front of our eyes.  By allowing this many mail in ballots the Democrat Party is responsible for this lack of electoral integrity or at least appearance of.  If my candidate loses fair and square, I would be disappointed but I would move on.  If I feel my candidate was cheated this is another story.  If my candidate was cheated, I was cheated too.  This should not be acceptable and everyone should feel the same way.

 How did we get there in the first place??  The news media is to be blamed for most of these problems.  The journalists have constitutional protection and their purpose is to be the government watchdogs.  They are supposed to keep the politicians honest. In this era of partisanship, the media is mostly investigating one side while covering for the other.  By doing so, it becomes an arm or an ally of the side they cover.  During Obama’s presidency, the media mostly reported on the good things and mostly avoiding discussing the scandals.  Yes, President Obama had some scandals even if he claims otherwise.  He spied on news media, Operation Fast and Furious, IRS refusing not for profit status of conservative organizations before the election, Benghazi, etc. 

With President Trump it’s the opposite.  Everything he does or sometimes doesn’t even do is turned into a scandal.  His coverage is 95% negative.  It can’t be that bad. Many Americans still think he is a Russian agent.  At the crucial moment of our country’s history, the journalist should be investigating and reporting on any appearances of irregularities or fraud being committed during this counting.  The more either side thinks it got robbed, the worst it will get once a winner is decided.  I am worried about the next few weeks or months and you should be too. 

The voters must be confident the election was fair and honest if not this is the end of democracy and the beginning of the mob rule. 

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